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VitoLiv™ – Natural Supplement for Healthy Liver

VitoLiv™ is a beneficial liver care supplement. It keeps the toxins away and detoxifies the liver with the power of its natural, potent herbs.

Benefits of using VitoLiv™:
  • Alcoholic liver disease
  • Jaundice
  • Naturally restores liver health
  • supports healthy liver function

Liver – The Master Multifunctional organ – Has it become your matter of concern?

The liver is indeed a prime organ of the body. Rather your overall quality of life has a direct relation to your liver health. But, certain conditions contribute to putting your liver health at stake. Because of which, the liver transforms from being a life saver to being a life destroyer. Prevalence of various disorders like - constipation, chronic gastritis, morning sickness, jaundice and hepatomegaly (enlargement of the liver) all ring a bell that something is wrong with the liver and an analysis needs attention.

“VitoLiv™ is the most preferred herbal option for liver problems” – Given below is the testimony verifying this statement

VitoLiv is composed of all natural herbs in precise combinations that provide natural liver care support and helps undo the damage done to the liver through alcohol and drugs.

VitoLiv™ is free of side effects being natural and safe to use. VitoLiv™ is not like the regulars, it does not cost you a fortune but the effects it would provide you are equivalent to a fortune.

The Superiority of its working... How does VitoLiv™ work?

VitoLiv™ protects liver cells or hepatocytes from various toxins by restricting their entry. It alters the structure of outer membrane of hepatocytes in such a way that toxins can’t enter the interior of the cell. Moreover VitoLiv™ stimulates the production of new liver cells and regenerative ability of the liver by increasing the synthesis of more ribosomal proteins.

VitoLiv™ is a complete formula for maintaining liver health having cholerectic property which enables the normal flow of bile. It strengthens the immune system by acting as an Immunomodulatory agent. Furthermore VitoLiv™ reduces deposition of lipids in the liver induced by the wide spectrum of toxins. This highly effective herbal formula also protects liver from inflammation, viral growth or attack and replication.



Brand Name: VitoLiv™
Servings Per Container: 60 Capsules
Picrorrhiza kurroa
Phyllanthus niruri
Boerhaavia diffusa
Andrographis paniculata


2 Tablets twice daily after meals.

Side Effects

VitoLiv™ is made of pure and natural herbs; it assures complete safety and is absolutely free of side effects.


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